Your new robot has arrived and is ready to be programmed by you.

Use logic blocks to program the robot to execute the required task while making sure the robot stays safe in it's environment.

All programming is done from the robots remote terminal that shows the robots location and live feedback from the robots program.

Your task as the boss is to complete a set of tasks and deliver the crate(s) to the target(s) using logic blocks.

There are a total of 12 tasks that you need to complete in order to automate your package factory.

Every task is different and you need to find your own way to complete it. There is no predefined way, it is your factory after all.

Who placed dangerous spikes and other hazards in their factory? Who knows!

Either way you need to avoid that your robot gets destroyed by there obstacles.

Move around pressure-plates that remove tiles marked with a X.

The object crusher aka. the spike pusher moves every 8 seconds and the robot has to wait until it can move past it without being crushed.


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I do not get any logic blocks to interact with :(

On that far right of the screen you have rectangular icons that you can press to add logic blocks.
You can watch the video listen here to see how it can be played.

Decided to try and download and it works that way, but in the browser (Firefox) it does not

Hmm, that's odd. I use firefox myself. Other than the 30FPS limitation and a minimal screen resolution of 1280x768 it should work completely fine.


Now seems to be working fine :)
Maybe one of those floating bugs