This game was made using the Godot engine as part of the GDL(Game Dev League) Jam.

The theme of this jam was "Size does matter".

I couldn't come up with a decent name for the game, so enemeal is!


  • WASD / Arrow keys
    • Move the player
  • Left Shift
    • Sprint
  • Mouse
    • Aim your weapon
  • Left mouse button
    • Shoot your weapon
  • E
    • Interact with the exit

Walking will shrink the player. To gain size, kill enemies and walk over the food.

In order to pass to the next level you need to:

Have killed the required amount of enemies, have the correct size to fit in the exit.


In this game you shoot at enemies, but to complete the level you must have killed a certain amount of enemies while being the correct size to exit.

As you walk you shrink, to grow you need to eat the bodies of the enemies you've killed.

In the corner of your screen there is a bar indicating if you have the correct size to complete the level as well as your health.



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